Business in the Egypt Red Sea

We are experts at setting up companies at the Ministry of investments in Egypt, which is the only place to set up a company for international investors.  We have experience in setting up multimillion dollar investment companies and small partnership investment companies.  In Egypt there are several types of companies, LLC's Corporations and structures.  You must choose the correct type of company in order to avoid problems, excessive tax liability which will protect your investment and interestes. 

Please note that all of our services are guaranteed! We are the fastest and most accurate law firm  in  setting up companies!  As a matter of fact if you company is not set up in a timely manner and as we agreed than we will refund you all the legal fees!  We are only professional law firm in Hurghada & Egypt that required all communication with our clients in writing via email and in the English language. Our professional legal agreements read that you must order and instruct our firm prior to any actions taken on you behalf.

In order to set up a company in Egypt; We must understand and discuss with the client the type of company, the type of partnership structure and we must choose the best company type that will fit your business, future needs, tax planning and professional structure.  Please note that most lawyers in Egypt never conduct a business plan and will not explain to their clients that amending a company in Egypt can be very expensive and almost the same cost as creating another company!

We will help and assist you in establishing your company in Egypt the right way, so you don't have to waste your time and money! 

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