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An international business consultant is responsible for providing relevant and up-to-date information about various aspects of business development and market information for international companies. The international business consultant conveys information about foreign business investments, opportunities, competitive companies and even information about business practices and legal implications of owning a business in another country.

International business consultants may work for companies that are already in international markets or with companies that are planning international expansions or investments.

Most of the work of an international business consultant will be researching various markets around the world and making researched based predications on the viability of those markets. Risk and business analysis is also part of the information that international business consultants provide for their clients. After completing research on the area including potential risks and profits the business consultant then proposes a recommendation to the company based on the research plus practical experience of the consultant.

An international business consultant usually has hands-on experience in working in various international companies or agencies. He or she has a strong business management or administration background as well as being aware of foreign policies, relevant stories and political developments in the news that may affect foreign businesses, as well as excellent communication and research skills.

An international business consultant has a strong international network of associates that can provide accurate information on the business climate and markets in various countries. Usually an international business consultant focuses on one particular area or market and becomes very familiar with the market to provide the most accurate information to the client.

Common work activities include:

• Traveling to various countries and areas to research information for clients on various aspects of the business market. • Meeting with government officials, business professionals and financial agencies to discuss options for businesses in foreign countries. • Researching opportunities in the various market sectors for investment in foreign countries and areas. • Preparing reports, presentations and entering into discussions with clients regarding options for international business ventures. • Marketing and advertising services as an international business consultant.

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