Property Taxes & the Egyptian government tax authorities

According to the news media, new government orders & our tax accountant expert; All have been discussing the aggressive property tax assessments by the the Egyptian government tax authorities.  As everyone notice everything is changing in Egypt at a rapid speed and without due process; Therefore, if you own property or a business in Egypt than you must be aware of all the changes that will effect you.  The Egyptian government tax authorities have been very aggressive in collecting taxes without remorse.  The Egyptian government tax authorities has already filed liens 

The property taxes in Egypt are being assessed on your property at a very high rate,by the Egyptian government.  The Egyptian government tax authorities are allowing the individuals to appeal the assessed tax rate and to pay it in order to avoid late penalties and excessive late fees. 

If you do not start now and dispute these excessive tax assessments, then it will be too late and you will be responsible to pay the same high amount of taxes every year!

Our firm has created a solution and in order to help our international clients by immediately filing an appeal with the Egyptian government tax authorities in order to set the property tax at a reasonable rate.  The tax appeal which will consist of approximately 3 to 4 hearings will reduce your tax liability by at least 50 % guaranteed; if not more!

Please note that if you ask yourself why should I appeal the government tax authorities assessment: here are some reasons but I might hope you understand this issue more...

1.  You will save money by at least 50% of the current tax assessment.

2.  Your property value would increase since the new buyers would be concerned with the tax assessment.

3.  That appeals for she is your with the Egyptian government tax authorities would be another form of Proof that you are the true & correct owner of the property.

Please note that this matter must be handled immediately and we must file the appeal the Egyptian government tax authorities before July 1st 2013. Otherwise if the tax amount would be assessed and there will be no chance to file appeals with the Egyptian government tax authorities... the excessive amount assessed will always be the same.

We have reduced our professional fees to $ 300.00 which will include any all governmental fees in regards to the appeals process.  Our professional fees of only $ 300 will save you thousands of dollars of excessive assessed property taxes by the Egyptian government tax authorities.

You will only be responsible to pay for your property taxes! 


Egypt's parliament approved a new income tax law on Monday that will increase levies paid by the wealthy, Real Estate owners and by companies but reduce it for people in lower income brackets.

Income inequality was one of the issues that sparked the uprising that ousted autocratic president Hosni Mubarak in 2011.

President Mohamed Mursi's Muslim Brotherhood held up the changes as proof of its commitment to social justice - a possible vote winner with parliamentary elections approaching later this year.

The new tax regime may also help Egypt in its negotiations for a $4.8 billion loan from the International Monetary Fund. The IMF is asking the government to reduce a budget deficit expected to reach 11.5 percent of gross domestic product in the year to end-June.

The new taxes, which have yet to be ratified by Mursi, will become effective within one month of their final approval.

"The law aims to achieve social justice and increase taxes on those with higher incomes. The changes are biased towards those with limited incomes," said Mohamed El-Feki, chairman of the Shura Council's financeand economy committee.

The Shura Council, or upper house of parliament, is responsible for passing legislation in the absence of a lower house. Mursi has said elections for the lower house may get under way in October.

All companies would be taxed at a unified rate of 25 percent, compared to the present law that charges those earning less than 10 million pounds per year at only 20 percent, Mamdouh Omar, head of Egypt's tax authority, told Reuters by telephone.

People earning under 5,000 Egyptian pounds ($720) a year would remain exempt from all taxes, as before. But the rate on those making more than 250,000 pounds would rise to 25 percent from 20 percent, the state MENA news agency reported. ($1 = 6.9562 Egyptian pounds)

(Reporting by Patrick Werr and Ehab Farouk; Writing by Patrick Werr; Editing by Mark Heinrich)

CAIRO, March 6 (Reuters) - Orascom Construction Industries
(OCI), Egypt's biggest listed company, said on
Wednesday it will meet government authorities next week to
discuss charges it evaded taxes.

Egyptian authorities have barred the builder and fertiliser
maker's chief executive officer, Nassef Sawiris, and his father
from leaving the country as part of a tax probe.

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Jun 14, 2013, 7:25 PM