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posted May 31, 2013, 8:20 AM by Red Sea Lawyers   [ updated May 31, 2013, 8:22 AM ]

Our firm has been always defending good honest foreign international citizens who have been investing in the Red Sea.   Since the revolution and the closure of the Egyptian Security Police who had a very important and serious role in Egypt; CRIME has been on the 
rise to unbelievable standards against foreign internationals in Egypt.

Egypt Security Police was investigating cases that are against foreign internationals and issuing executive orders to compensate the victim
and restore their rights.  Now there are no governmental bodies or agencies that are responsible OR can restore foreign international rights. 
Crime and fraudulent transactions are on the rise, against foreign internationals and will continue on since there is no punishment for one's
action.   The Egyptian security police was also supervising and reviewing the police activity to make sure there is security and safety in

Recently, I had cases where foreign internationals found their homes invaded and taken by force.  The police in Egypt is over worked and 
under paid; the homicide and aggressive crime cases are on the rise and the main focus of the police.   Criminals now know in Egypt that a police report will probably be dismissed as usual and the court systems has ruled several times in the favor of criminal for lack of Evidence. 

The Egyptian courts are currently in a political civil war with the Muslim Brotherhood and therefore, No one wants to do their jobs.  The 
justice systems has been failing continuously since the revolution and there is no Security police to review their decisions.  

This is the time to join and come together as a group in order to protect each other and our investments!  We all have the same thing in 
common: PEACE

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