International Business Consultants & Attorneys At Law firm based in California and has offices in Cairo and Hurghada.
Our firm specializes in Business Consultations and Legal services.

Our professional consultants and attorneys are all trained on USA standards and have a combined experience of over 100 years.
We are proud of our reputation and track record of serving our clients in Cairo, Hurghada without any incidents or disputes.
Our goal is to satisfy and please every client with our professionalism, experience and services. Please ask for references!

Our firm specializes in and are experts in Criminal and Civil litigation

Aggressive criminal defense • Property registrations in Egypt for foreign investors • Company and business creation & set up • Corporate and Tax laws and the legal system • Contracts and legal agreements between foreigners and Egyptians • Legal issues and disputes between foreigners and Egyptians • Touristic & Business Visas • Marriages and Family law foreigners and Egyptians • Drivers license & Motor Vehicle laws for foreigners who reside in Egypt • Communication & transacting with all embassies and governmental  agencies • Fraud Cases and fraudulent transactions...           
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